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FILM: international development

Since 2010 Steve has been involved with international development with the use of film and video. Working with small UK charity Purple Field Productions the films below have been made with community groups in Africa, creating film projects that help them to engage with their local communities as they continue to combat climate change, social stigma and farming sustainability.

seeds of change

mbeu yosintha

After the success of the Malawi drama Mawa Langa Steve was asked to develop and produce another drama - this time to tackle the problems of climate change, sustainable farming and challenges to village life.

mbeu heads

mawa langa

my tomorrow

Steve's UK youth work experience was invaluable in setting up the first youth drama to be created in Malawi. Dedicated to teenage audiences the film has proved popular with all ages and has been screened on National Malawi TV on numerous occasions. (Seen by over 12million viewers)


It was adopted by the Malawi Education Department and is still seen as an invaluable tool when approaching the subject of HIV orphans, the social stigma attached to HIV/AIDS.


Trees & Stoves Drama

A short comedy to highlight new stove building and attempts to reduce deforestation. Part of  a longer documentary, this section has proved really popular and successful with villagers. It was also spotted by an NGO in Senegal and dubbed into Mandinka.

Part of a larger Trio of documentaries called "Farming for the Future".


2017 Training in Senegal

Delighted to spend 4 weeks in Eastern Senegal training a group of villagers who are eager to develop their own films to help their village communities.



the unknown

A drama created for audiences in Kenya to examine the truth about the stigma surrounding disability. Working with partners in Kenya with first hand expertise in the local issues facing individuals and families dealing with cerebral palsy, Lisilojulikana is a warm and emotional drama that has proven to be having a huge positive effect on audiences in both rural and urban poor areas.


Steve was the key post produciton manager on the film for Purple Field Productions.

In 2018 Steve returned to malawi to produce a Chichewa dubbed version to replace the Swahili (Kenya) orginal.


This is work Steve loves and thrive on. Making a real difference in some of the poorest and hardest places to live in.


It is not about preaching or dictating what they do, simply enabling them to find their voices and plan their own development. We are always interested in collaboration and helping with more of this kind of work.


Contact us for more details or if you are interested in exploring possible projext work in developing countries.



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