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Conscientious Objector

Inspired by the Edna St Vincent Millay poem all the performers in the film were asked to recite the text but also to add their own thoughts and personal statements.


The result is a moving film that captures the opposing senses of helplessness and determination we all experience when faced with the huge issue of peace in our time.


The film has been shown at various International Peace Conventions and Conferences around the world.


It has sparked debate and positive interaction amongst its audiences.  Just what it was intended to do.

Directed & Produced by Colin Stevens

Original Music composed by Thomas Gray

Global Peace Film Festival, Florida,  2006    

Seattle Amnesty International Film Festival,  2007

Aubagne International Film Festival, 2007        

Non-Violence International Film Festival, Toronto 2007

BIG CHILL Festival 2007            

Portabello Film Festival, London 2007

Los Angeles, Without Frontiers 2007 (special commendation)

Festival de Cine de Barcelona 2008 – Best Photography Award

101 Wild Rivers International Film Festival (USA) 2008

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