theatre production

Workshops exploring plays, play production and devised theatre - a group making their own performance piece.

film studio

photography & camera skills



production planning

Projects that combine different elements of the arts - dance, theatre, video, music, poetry, photography & design. Always looking for opportunities for participants to express themselves in effective and new ways.


These have included books, education packs, music CD's, website design, live events and street theatre. The possibilities are endless.



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Young Travellers, heritage & history

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Young Travellers researched their culture and confronted current myths & superstitions surrounding the Traveller & Roma Gypsy life. The outcome was a beautiful set of playing cards packed with information and imagery that are now being used in education groups across Cambridgeshire.

Midsummer Madness

A-Level Students, drama & theatre

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48 hours to produce a half hour polished piece of theatre to inspire the actors' minds to support them in understanding the workings of theatre and performance.


A modern dress production with circus skills, music and movement.

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Flexible video & media workshops tailored to meet your group's interests and abilities. Subjects covered might include:

"WHO ARE WE?" was a history research project enabling young people to explore their parent's generation through popular culture - fashion, music, news & events, food and politics. The result was 200 glossy "coffee-table" books that were distributed to schools in their local region.


video editing

marketing & pr

sound recording

script writing


performance skills

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"Colin's committment to youth participation is exemplary and the end results for the young people have been outstanding"

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Colin Stevens - Community Artist

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STEVEN CARNE - Actor/Singer/Director

My "other name" (Equity dahling)

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