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All of the arts are essential for happy lives. Simple.


I love working with film, theatre, music, photography and design - anything that helps people express their thoughts and voices.


This site is always a work in progress

as work in the community develops and changes.


Now in 2020 we need the ARTS more than ever before.


Please do get in touch if you think I can help you, or you'd like to colloborate on a project.


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I am now ready to develop a film arts project using film, theatre, dance, written and spoken word, street art, fine art...


It's an open call to collaborate with me, seek funding and get moving.

Colin Stevens - Community Artist

56 High Street





Tel: 07967 227 230

STEVEN CARNE - Actor/Singer/Director

My "other name" (Equity dahling)

To find out more about this side of my work click here...

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