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theatricx 2017 b

all sorts of projects with all sorts of people

2016 saw an exciting development being involved with with buzzing energy that is young people having huge amounts of fun with performing arts.


Thanks to Stafford, Harrow & Cambridge for giving permission to use these films.


Steven went the extra mile for us on the two sessions of filming he did at Stagecoach Stafford. Calm, professional, patient & creative he dealt with very excitable students excellently.


He also stayed longer than agreed in order to ensure filming was completed to the expectations of us all. Thank you, the children and parents loved the finished article!

Simon Eastwood

Stafford Stagecoach


Are the perfect vehicle for mixed ability group of all levels. I like to plan with teachers ahead of filming as this allows real focus time in the short time available.


Young people were involved at every stage of singing, dancing and devising dramatic scenarios to compliment and enhance the videos.


HARROW 2016/7


Working with teachers to develop scripts and ideas ahead of filming and involving the young people in the process.

Colin Stevens - Community Artist

56 High Street





Tel: 07967 227 230

STEVEN CARNE - Actor/Singer/Director

My "other name" (Equity dahling)

To find out more about this side of my work click here...

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